stargaze_allSafer than a blanket, a sleep sack keeps little ones warm and cozy without worry of loose blankets and bedding. Personally I love the fact that no matter how chilly it gets I know my little one is safe, snug and comfortable without peeping in his room a dozen times and possibly waking him. They are also great for deterring adventurous little climbers wanting to escape their cribs by keeping their little feet inside. I designed this basic style with a generous front zipper that uses common dress zipper sizes, and optional shoulder closures, handy for slipping little ones in. Easy enough for a beginner, you can quickly sew up a few in different fabrics for cozy naps year round.


This pattern is rated EASY/BEGINNER, and comes with three sizes, Small (3-6 months), Medium (9-18 months), and Large (18-36 months). You can use a variety of materials from printed craft cottons to mid-weight knits and can line with fabrics like flannel or t-shirt jersey. You will need an adjustable zipper foot but no other special equipment. When selecting a size, remember to consider your baby should have plenty of room to move their feet – you may want to allow 6″ at the bottom (instructions on lengthening and shortening are included). As with all the patterns, there are instructions on adjusting the size and tips on working with PDF patterns. To view the instructions and yardage requirements, click here to download.


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