I’ll admit, as easy as zippers are to sew, and they really are easy, I prefer not to use them. I don’t know what it is, but I know that I’m not alone in this. With that in mind, I made the Kimono sleep sack zipper-free, which is especially good if you are new to sewing. It wraps across the front which can be handy when slipping a drowsy baby into it.

Sleep sacks are safer than loose bedding and blankets for babies and young toddlers and won’t get kicked off in the middle of a chilly night. You can make lightweight ones for summer or line with fleece or flannel for winter. They also help keep little feet from trying to climb out of cribs.

kimono technical

This pattern is rated EASY/BEGINNER, and comes with three sizes, Small (3-6 months), Medium (9-18 months), and Large (18-36 months). A new sewist could make this in about 3 good baby naps’ time! When selecting a size, remember to consider your baby should have plenty of room to move their feet – you may want to allow 6″ at the bottom (instructions on lengthening and shortening are included). As with all the patterns, there are instructions on adjusting the size and tips on working with PDF patterns. To view the instructions and yardage requirements, click here to download.

kimono size

Kimono can be found here in the pattern shop.

Kimono sleep sack