braided cord necklace final

Are you into making jewelry? I’ve never actually tried, although my Pinterest is certainly full of lots of DIY ideas and things I want to make or repurpose into lovely bits of bling.  I finally tried my hand at it and and I have to say, I’m quite pleased with this piece I made.  I was inspired by a piece I fell in love with at Cos in Paris, but didn’t pick up.  Their jewelry is so fabulously minimal, but I couldn’t stomach the cost of basically a plastic tube necklace, plus I had minutes to try on every lovely piece of tailored simplicity in the shop that humming and hawing over baubles didn’t happen.  The next few days I wandered a trade show and saw things that reminded me of that necklace  and it drove me to the point I decided I’d finally try it out.

braided cord necklace

You can check out the results and how-to’s over at The Motherboards, which is a fantastic blog I’ve just written my first piece for! It’s a great place of ideas and inspiration, featuring some lovely and talented ladies.  I love their tag line – “DIY Connections”.  I’ll be contributing more in the future so be sure to check it out!